Wild Messengers™ Alchemical Tarot Cards

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Animals in Tarot: Get to Know Wild Messengers!

Lola and Tigre talk tarot and discuss animals in traditional tarot, and share our new tarot deck with The Tarot Lady

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Major and Minor Arcana for Wild Messengers™ Alchemical Tarot

Funded and Many Stretch Goals Secured!!

In order to get this incredible tarot deck out in the world, we need you (and your friends and family!) to help us get it printed.

Our Kickstarter campaign runs through 11:11AM PST, 11/11/18 IS CLOSED!

Thank you! We secured funding in under four days and locked up many stretch goals!

Thank You.

Two years in the making. Many hours of studio and computer time. Buckets of love, countless revisions, sincere apologies, and lots of giggles.

You. All. Rock!

Annnnnnnd, we’re so excited that these cards can get the awesome level of detail and high quality printing they deserve.

We’re off to go play with our kids, take some much needed screen-time hiatus, celebrate the sacrifices our soldiers have made to offer us the space to create such an offering and enjoy our comfortable lives. Not all are afforded this opportunity, and we give sincere thanks for EVERYONE’s sacrifice to make this world a safe place for all.

More to follow, so stay tuned, make sure Credit Cards are up-to-date and useable.

If you have any issues, reach out to us here or at squawk@wildmessengers.com

X O X O ! Tigre, Lola & Tanya