A Wild Calling

I have heard the messages of animals and other beings ever since I was a small child, but, over time, my intuitive imagination gave way to more “practical pursuits” and these gifts lay dormant for many years.

Lola Pickett tarot author empath coach

Lola Pickett, author and coach for highly sensitive souls

In the process of waking up and making huge life changes in my early thirties—including meeting and marrying my divine soul mate Tigre—my intuition suddenly roared back online—in the clever guise of a Fox messenger.

I became flooded with information about and from all kinds of animals, and began to share these messages to help others rediscover their inner animal selves.

In nearly a decade of practice and ongoing spiritual work, I can now read animals, energies, and people like someone else might read a poem or story.

The invisible layers between reality’s lines are always speaking to me. I have these Wild Messengers to thank for nearly every blessing in my life.

After doing thousands of individual readings, I am so excited to share all that I’ve learned with you in these cards and pages—as well as empower you to begin to “read” the wild messengers that fly, crawl, swim, or creep into your daily life.

May my gratitude to the animals, my teachers, and my ancestry be reflected a million-fold as each reader of these cards lights up our world with their own wild intuition.

Where to Find Lola

You can find me here supporting and empowering empaths and highly sensitive people with my writing, online training, mentorship and retreats.

I also publish a weekly podcast called Empath To Power Podcast that has amazing guests, resources and tools for the modern empath.

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